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Brinks Home Security Review

home security systems reviews

What should you be looking for in a Brinks security package? You can expect to sign a long-term agreement depending on which package you select. You will be charged an early termination fee if you cancel your contract before it expires. There is no money-back guarantee.

It is easy to install

The Brinks Home Security System provides high-quality security and is simple to install. The company offers a two year equipment warranty and a 30 day return policy. There's also an option to cancel your contract. The company has recently merged with LiveWatch and MONI Smart Security. While Brinks Home Security offers many great features, one of its drawbacks is the long contract.

The basic Brinks security systems cost approximately $300. You can also purchase accessories and smart functions separately. Depending on your needs, you can add an outdoor camera or smart thermostat. If you have a garage door, you can even buy wireless sensors for it. The system also comes with a backup battery in case of a power outage. Brinks also offers financing plans, which can save you money. Some packages come with 0% interest.

It is simple to program

Brinks' security system includes a smartphone app. This allows you to program it, add users, manage them, and view live cameras. While most security companies only offer a mobile app if you have a more expensive plan, Brinks includes it with all of their equipment packages. It's almost like a control board, and you can control your home security cameras from anywhere.

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It is a good idea to update an older master code in your Brinks security systems. Modern alarm panels can be reset to factory defaults by resetting the memory locations of programs. A Brinks security panel can also be programmed with a user manual. This describes the basic operation.

Simple to use

Blue by ADT and Brinks Security Systems are good options for those looking for a security system. Both companies have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. They both offer professional installation and monitoring, and some even offer home automation functionality. ADT has a better theft guarantee and is also more affordable. Both companies also offer no-contract security options.

Brinks offers professional installation and a 24-hour monitoring service. You can reach out to the customer service team if you have questions. Brinks systems come with built-in batteries for added security and cellular backup. The system will notify emergency services if it detects an emergency.


The cost of a Brinks security system varies, depending on how many features you want. Basic packages start at $200 and more expensive plans can go up to $1,100. Brinks offers professional monitoring, mobile notifications and cloud storage for video recordings. Brinks offers a service that allows homeowners to control their home automation systems from their smartphones. To access more advanced features, you might need to purchase an additional device.

Brinks is also known to offer DIY-installations. To get a free consultation, call a sales representative. Brinks also offers a 30-day returns policy. Online purchase of Brinks products is possible if you are certain you will need them, and you don't want to pay for live monitoring.

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Monitoring options

When purchasing a Brinks security system, it is important to understand the different monitoring options. Brinks offers 24/7 monitoring through a network US-based stations. These services offer emergency response to your house or business in case of an emergency. When an alarm goes off, the system will immediately notify and notify you.

Brinks supplies a full line of monitoring hardware. The Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is one of our most advanced control panels. This control panel comes with a full touchscreen display, two-way audio, a built-in siren, and a camera. In addition, you can arm and disarm the system through the app. It can even send alerts via email and web chat.


Do I really need an alarm system for my home?

Home security systems are essential if you have a home. You don't have to be worried about a burglar breaking into your home. They'll take anything they want, including expensive electronics and jewelry. And if you leave your doors unlocked, they could just walk away with everything.

Home security systems help you protect your home and notify you when something is happening. You can view the recorded footage and receive alerts from your mobile device when motion is detected.

You can use a DIY camera to replace a costly home security system. These cameras let you see who is at your door and give you notification when they come or go. However, they will not stop intruders breaking into your home.

How much does a good home security system cost?

A home security system that works well will cost you about $2,500. It may seem like a large sum, but the security and peace of mind that you will get from a home with a good system is very affordable.

Which is the best home security system?

ADT Pulse is the most widely used home security system.

Which home alarm system features are the best?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro offers the most features of all home security systems that we tested. It allows you to see who's at your front door, speak with them on your phone and record videos. It also includes a free cloud storage to store any recordings.


  • Depending on your insurance, 24/7 professional monitoring may qualify you for as much as 15% off your premium. (safewise.com)
  • Depending on your insurance, 24/7 professional monitoring may qualify you for as much as 15% off your premium. (safewise.com)
  • Cove sets you free without punishing penalties and fees, unlike other security solutions that charge 75% to 100% of your remaining contract. (safewise.com)
  • (In my experience, the discount on my home insurance covered about 25 percent of the subscription of an average plan, but your mileage may vary depending on your location and the size of your home.) (theverge.com)

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How To

How to test a security system at home

How to test your Home Security System

Your alarm monitoring program must be installed on your computer as a first step. You can download the most current version from manufacturer's website. The next thing you want to do is to set up your phone number so that when someone calls the monitoring center they get routed directly to your line. If you don’t know how to do that, you can ask your local service provider. Once everything is setup correctly, you're ready to start testing!

There are two ways to test your device. First, you can use a fake device. This is a fake device, which appears just like the real thing. It looks the same as the real thing but doesn't work. It works just like the real deal if it worked properly. But there are some disadvantages to using the dummy. It won't give you any information about your system's actual functionality. A second concern is that it could look suspicious to those who just happen to be looking at it. If it is stolen, it can pose a problem.

The second method is to test your system manually. You will need to go through your entire system and verify that everything is working properly. You might check that your motion sensors work properly, that your cameras record, and that the doors lock correctly. Make sure that you test all of these things at least once per week. After you've tested everything thoroughly, you can feel confident that your system is working well.


Brinks Home Security Review